Angolan Su-30K Spotted in Belarus

Su-30K. (c) m-4 
An Su-30K for the Angolan Air Force has been seen in photos.

User m-4 at the website has posted what appear to be images of the first Su-30K, due to be delivered to Angola later in the year. The images, first reported by BMPD, are likely from Belarus, where the aircraft is undergoing an overhaul.
The aircraft is from a group of 12 that will be transferred to Angola after overhaul. These 12 (in addition to six more) were initially delivered to India, but India later rejected them over concerns about their engines. 
The Su-30s were returned to Russia. Moscow thereafter looked to sell them to new customers in Europe, Africa, and Asia. 
Russia found a buyer in 2013, when Angola agreed to purchase $1 billion worth of Russian arms. Included in that contract were 12 Su-30Ks from the batch initially sent to India. Ahead of their delivery to Angola, slated for 2017, the Su-30Ks have undergone overhauls at Aircraft Repair Plant 558 in Belarus.   

Su-30K. (c) m-4

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