Saudi Arabia Receives Third F-15SA Batch

Saudi Arabia has taken delivery of a new batch of F-15SA fighter jets, the third such batch since deliveries began in December.

The new batch included five jets. The aircraft departed the United States in late March and traveled to Lakenheath, in the United Kingdom, similar to other deliveries.

From there, the fighter jets flew to King Khalid airbase in Saudi Arabia.

According to The Aviationist, this batch included jets with serial numbers 12-1005/Retro 61, 12-1008, 12-1932, 12-1039, and 12-1047.

Saudi Arabia took delivery of the first batch of F-15SA jets in December. This batch included serial numbers 93-0857, 93-0899, 12-1006, and 12-1010. The former two are remanufactured F-15S from Saudi inventories while the latter two are new-build aircraft.

The second batch was delivered in February. Four jets were to be transferred, but one returned after encountering a technical difficulty. The jets that were delivered were serials 12-1041, 12-1043, and 12-1045.

The F-15SA is the most advanced F-15 ever produced. The aircraft are being delivered under a contract for 84 new-build F-15SA fighter jets and an overhaul of 68 F-15S jets from Saudi inventories.

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