Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Highlights

by Matthew Beres, Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Analyst, Forecast International.

This blog post briefly highlights Airborne Retrofit & Modernization news from the past week. More in-depth news can be found in Forecast’s E-Market Alert. To the minute R&M news can also be found via the Forecast R&M twitter account, @MBeresFI.


Leonardo Helicopters and IMP Aerospace and Defence have announced that “Team Cormorant” has been given a rebirth, to support the Royal Canadian Air Force’s EH101-CH-149 SAR helicopters. The team will focus on the Cormorant’s Mid-life upgrade, which will include enhancements, and an decrease in maintenance costs.

CH-149 Cormorant  Source: Canadian Forces

MH-53E Tow Hooks

CPI Aerostructures will provide MRO services for MH-53E tow hooks. The contract starts with an initial 15 tow hook assemblies, although additional quantities may follow.

H-53E Sea Dragon Source: U.S. Navy

C-130 Microvanes

Metro Aerospace has delivered its first set of microvanes for the Royal Canadian Air Force C-130J fleet, with final installations to conclude in June. The 20 strakes are adhesively bonded onto the aft fuselage on either side of the cargo ramp, with a saving of 3.3% fuel consumption. Metro is now looking for FAA certification for use on the LM-100 commercial freighter version.

C-130 Microvanes Source: Lockheed Martin

Typhoon Brimstone Trials

BAE Systems is planning to perform trials of MBDA’s Brimstone 2 missile from the Typhoon, for use by the RAF. Nine of the weapons will be launched this summer as part of the P3E program. By 2018, the RAF wants 42 aircraft equipped with Brimstone capabilities.

Typhoon Fitted with Brimstone Source: Eurofighter GmbH

KF Aerospace

KF Aerospace will maintain its CC-115 Buffalo and CC-139 Twin Otter aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air force, a deal valued at C$31.4 million.

Canadian Air Force CC-115 Source: Royal Canadian Air Force

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