by Ed Nebinger, Forecast International.

The Internet has become flooded with dozens of so-called information providers with URLs that are slightly different but when opened the sites appear suspiciously as if they are related.   Many of these tout single reports that are PDFs with 100 or so pages, but are priced in excess of $5,000, with prices then advancing to as high as $8,000 – $10,000 for Unlimited Access, typically termed Corporate or Library access.   We even noted one that promised delivery in 20 days, a clue that the report would  be generated only after one had been sold.  

This mystery has now been unlocked by a firm that tracks information sources.  

According to IPVM, the world’s leading video surveillance information source, “The information that headlines many articles is a scam perpetrated by a variety of Indian firms that have exploited the carelessness and ignorance of many companies and the press.”

IPVM then cites many examples from sources that include: 

  • MarketsandMarkets
  • Grandview Research
  • Research Nester
  • Technavio

 IPVM then lists a few common characteristics of these sources, as follows: 

  • They make optimistic groundless projections to sell reports.
  • They retain non-experts who repackage Google search results, moving from market to market.
  • They are primarily Indian based and actively try to obscure that fact.

 The Reality

Per IPVM, “Technavio is so sloppy that in the press release for the ‘security surveillance camera market’ they included a sentence declaring “the report considers the revenue generated from the retail sales of haircare products.”   IPVM then lists the report, plus a great deal of additional information, including the names and addresses of other scam entities.

Note:  Please open the link to read IPVM’s report in detail:

We really welcome this report from IPVM, as our highly experienced Analysts spend thousands of hours researching and forecasting the industries we cover.  Yet some well-meaning clients report that they have been offered 50% discounts from some of these entities, which are charging twice as much for a single PDF report as the cost of an entire Forecast International Market Intelligence Service, complete with 50-80 reports plus Market Segment Analyses.

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