Canadian Trade Tribunal Dismisses Frigate Award Complaint

Canada’s trade body has dismissed a complaint from Alion Canada, which protested Ottawa’s decision to select the Type 26 frigate as the winner of the Canadian Surface Combatant competition.  The company argued that the Type 26, offered by a team of Lockheed Martin Canada and BAE Systems, does not meet the Royal Canadian Navy’s requirements.

“The Canadian International Trade Tribunal has determined that Alion Science and Technology Canada Corporation and Alion Science and Technology Corporation do not have standing to file a complaint before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal,” read a statement from the CITT.

Work on the program had stopped temporarily following the complaint, but was subsequently allowed to continue while the CITT continued with its review of the program.  This ruling will allow the frigate program to move ahead at full steam.  Canada plans to award a contract for 15 frigates.


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