War in Ukraine

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Ukraine’s USVs Write New Rules for Asymmetric Naval Warfare

One of Ukraine’s greatest contributions to worldwide warfare observers has been the development and mass usage of uncrewed systems against Russian naval targets. Ukrainian air and naval drones have significantly …


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flames erupt from the barrel of a howitzer being fired in a field

Armenia Orders French Howitzers As It Prepares CSTO Exit

French-made howitzers will soon be in service with the Armenian Army, adding to a growing list of French military deals with the Caucasus country. On June 18, French Minister of …


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Netherlands Enhances Nuclear Arsenal with F-35A: A New Era in NATO-Russia Tensions

On June 1, 2024, the Netherlands made history, becoming the first country to officially assign its F-35A stealth fighters to the nuclear strike role, a significant milestone for NATO’s military …