Russia to Showcase Arctic Air-Defense Systems at Victory Day Parade

Russia will unveil two new air-defense systems designed for use in the Arctic at this year’s Victory Day parade.

Russia’s Victory Day parade, on May 9 every year, is often when the country’s military will unveil new military systems for the first time. In 2015, for example, the country’s T-14 main battle tank made its first appearance at the parade celebrating the anniversary of the defeat of Germany in World War II.

This year, according to Ground Forces Commander Oleg Salyukov, the parade will feature the Tor-M2DT and Pantsir-SA Arctic air-defense systems.

Saluykov told journalists, “Arctic military equipment will participate in the parade for the first time. The general public will for the first time be able to see such air defense weapons as Tor-M2DT and missile, artillery system Pantsir-SA and support vehicles.”

Notably, both the Pantsir-SA and the Tor-M2DT are to be based on the DT-30 Vityaz ATV, a tracked vehicle designed for use in extremely poor off-road conditions.

Both systems were seemingly involved in rehearsals that began this month.

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