Russia to Commission Admiral Gorshkov in November

The Russian Navy will commission the lead frigate of Project 22350 in November 2017.

Speaking to media on May 16, 2017, Vladimir Tryapichnikov, the chief of the Navy’s shipbuilding department, confirmed that the Navy would commission Admiral Gorshkov later this year.

The frigate, the lead ship of Project 22350, has previously been delayed over issues pertaining to its air-defense system; while tests of the short- and medium-range missiles appear to be successful, the long-range missile is reported to fail shortly after launch.

According to Tryapichnikov, “The Admiral Gorshkov, the Ivan Khurs and the logistic ship The Elbrus are to be commissioned in November.”

Ivan Khurs is an intelligence ship, the second of Project 18280.

Tryapichnikov further added that the second ship in the Admiral Gorshkov class — Admiral Kasatonov — would be delivered in 2018, in line with previous expectations.

“We plan to put the Admiral Kasatonov on the list of the Navy’s ships in 2018,” he said, according to Tass News Agency.

However, Tryapichnikov stated that four Project 22350 frigates would be in service by 2025, which differs from previous Russian expectations of having six in the class in service by that year. Tryapichnikov indicated that the discrepancy stems from plans to upgrade future ships beyond the capabilities of the lead frigate.

“We expect four frigates identical to the lead ship the Admiral Gorshkov by 2025. After that the project will be upgraded,” he said.

Including Admiral Gorshkov, four frigates of the class have been laid down. Russia intends to make Project 22350 the mainstay of its fleet. The third ship, Admiral Golovko, could be commissioned in 2019. It is unclear when the fourth, Admiral Isakov, will be delivered.

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