Second Meko Frigate Arrives to Algeria

Algeria’s second Meko A200 frigate has reportedly arrived to Algeria.

The vessel, El Moudamir (911), left Germany earlier this month, on May 15. It arrived in Algeria on May 21, escorted by tug El Mounjid, a Kebir class patrol vessel, and two Alusafe 2000 rescue and patrol vessels.

An AW101 flew overhead during the arrival. The same AW101 helicopter is believed to have crashed later in the day during a night rescue exercise, killing three people.

El Moudamir is the second frigate in Algeria’s 2012 order. The first frigate, Erradii (910), was launched in December 2014 and arrived to Algeria last year in April. El Moudamir launched in December 2015.

Algeria’s order also includes an option for two additional frigates.

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