Mi-28NM State Trials Begin

Russia has begun state trials of the Mi-28NM ‘Night Hunter’ attack helicopter.

Tass News Agency reported on May 25, 2017 that state trials of the latest Mi-28 variant have begun. Tass quoted Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky as saying, “We have already started [the state trials].”

Boginsky had said earlier in the year, “We will do our utmost to have preliminary conclusions by the end of this year and to discuss the first test batch of helicopters set aside for testing with our counterparts.”

The Mi-28NM is a further development of the Mi-28N. Development work of the helicopter began in 2009, and it was first seen during summer 2016.

As part of manufacturer tests last year, the helicopter had been seen undergoing flight testing.

Mi-28NMs are expected to have a new surveillance radar, control system, and other onboard avionics.

Moreover, Russian industry is seeking to improve its weapons. General Designer of Machine-Building Design Bureau Valery Kashin told Tass News Agency in an interview in January,

“A whole program for upgrading the helicopter-borne missile system has been drawn up. It concerns not just the missile Ataka. Work is in full progress and the tests have already produced some good results. The new missiles will considerably improve the combat capabilities of the Mi-28NM gunships.”

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