Algerian Yabhon United 40 Spotted in New Image

An Algerian Yabhon United 40 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been spotted in a new image released online.

The drone, an armed UAV, was seen in a recent picture that emerged online. It was marked with the name ‘Algeria 54’.

The image appears to be recently uploaded, though further details, such as the date it was taken and the location, were not immediately clear. It is similarly unknown if the drone was being tested or was part of an order.

Algeria has expressed interest in the drone since 2013. A representative of ADCOM Systems, which produces the UAV, told IHS Jane’s at the Dubai Air Show 2013 that an Algerian delegation had requested to view the Yabhon United 40 Block 5 with the possibility that Algeria would purchase it.

It is believed that Algeria has tested the drone since at least last year.

The drone seen in the recent image was not seen with any weapons; however, the Yabhon United 40 Block 5 can utilize missiles such as the Namrod air-to-surface missile.

If acquired, Algeria would likely use the drone to aid in monitoring the south of the country, where the military is tasked with tracking and interdicting terrorist groups operating along the vast border space.

In addition to Algeria, Russia has maintained an interest in the Yabhon United 40. Moscow purchased two several years ago and likely began testing them last year.

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