Russia Planning Su-30SM Buy

Russia’s Defense Ministry is gearing up for a new order of Su-30SMs.

Vedomosti reported on August 16, 2018, that the Russian Defense Ministry is looking to ink a three-year contract for up to 36 Su-30SM fighter jets, for provision to the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy. The contract is currently being worked on with Irkut Corporation’s Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Irkut Corporation is part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), a government-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate.

UAC’s President Yuri Slyusar confirmed that discussions were ongoing in regards to an Su-30SM order in an interview earlier this week, but he declined to confirm how many jets were to be ordered.

The contract could cost up to RUB 70 billion, which at the current exchange rate is around $1 billion. Between 12 and 14 jets will be produced each year under the contract.

Vedomosti reported that the planned contract, as well as export agreements for the jet, could ensure production lasts into 2022.

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