Embraer Consolidates Bizjet Product Line

Embraer Praetor 500. Image – Embrarer

Embraer has quietly consolidated its business jet product line.  The Brazilian manufacturer has withdrawn certain of its older models from production amid a renewed focus on its best-selling and Praetor models.

Following the consolidation, the Embraer business jet product line now includes the Phenom 100EV entry-level jet, the Phenom 300E light jet, the Praetor 500 medium jet, and the Praetor 600 super mid-size jet.  The two Praetor models, which entered service in 2019, are upgraded, longer-range variants of Embraer’s Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 business jets.

The Legacy 450 and 500 have now been withdrawn from production, having been essentially replaced by the Praetor variants.  The introduction of the Praetor 500 had always meant that the Legacy 500’s days were likely numbered.  Both aircraft were situated in the medium jet class of the business jet market, thus leaving the older Legacy 500 vulnerable to in-house sales competition from the newer, improved Praetor 500.

The Legacy 450 had arguably been in a somewhat stronger position than its Legacy 500 sibling.  The 450 competed in the light medium jet category, where there was no directly corresponding Praetor model.  Embraer could perhaps have kept the 450 in production a while longer but, ultimately, the company chose to terminate production of the 450 as well.

In addition to the Legacy 450 and 500, the Legacy 650E and Lineage 1000E have also been withdrawn from production.  Embraer delivered one Legacy 650E in the second quarter of 2020, and this aircraft could turn out to be the final example of the type to be handed over to a customer.  The 650E competed in the large-cabin business jet class, and it was a favorite of fleet operators, who appreciated the aircraft’s airliner design heritage.  The 650E, and its Legacy 600 and 650 predecessors, had been derived from Embraer’s ERJ 135 regional jetliner.

The Lineage 1000E was a corporate jet variant of the Embraer 190 commercial aircraft.  The 190 is a member of Embraer’s E-Jets family of commercial airliners, which is being gradually supplanted in the company’s product line by a family of re-engined and re-winged variants, dubbed the E2 series.  Embraer has no plans to introduce an E2 version of the Lineage 1000E.

Embraer will continue to provide service and support for the four aircraft models that are no longer in production.

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