Forecast International Unveils Freshly Updated Airborne Electro-Optical Market Analysis

AAQ-40 EOTS on F-35. Photo: Lockheed Martin

Forecast International (FI), a world leader in aerospace and defense market intelligence, has released a new analysis of the airborne electro-optics market.  The Market for Airborne Electro-Optical Systems is based on Forecast International’s focused study of 41 representative programs, a grouping of some of the world’s most prominent airborne electro-optics efforts.  By covering this selection of market-indicating programs, FI’s analysis provides clients a window into the crucial trends, events, and developments that will drive the performance of the airborne electro-optical market over the period 2021 through 2030.

The Market for Airborne Electro-Optical Systems highlights programs in three mission segments: ESM/EW, Imaging, and Targeting.  Corresponding to a global refresh in attack aircraft capabilities and their higher individual cost, targeting systems will make up the five most valuable programs.  The F-35’s AAQ-40 EOTS tops the list, in synchronization with the popular stealth fighter’s rapidly accelerating production.

The Market for Airborne Electro-Optical Systems 2021-2030

Totaling all market segments through the coming 10 years, FI projects a value of at least $26.063 billion for its basket of carefully selected, trend-driving programs.  The production phase will be the most valuable of a program’s life-cycle, and is expected to earn contractors $21.191 billion in support of the manufacture of 13,755 units.  In addition to the Production phase, FI also provides clients an overview of an electro-optical system’s Pre-Production (RDT&E), Post-Production (O&M / Upgrade), and Mixed (Commingled / Procurement) phases.

Some of the world’s most exciting airborne electro-optical programs are examined, including Lockheed Martin’s IRST21/Legion Pod/ASG-34, Rafael / Northrop Grumman’s evergreen AAQ-28 Litening, and Thales’ TALIOS pod.  Beyond targeting systems, in-demand ESM/EW systems like Northrop Grumman’s LAIRCM and surveillance systems and  L3Harris Technologies’ Wescam MX-15 are included in FI’s coverage.

In all, 14 leading prime contractors with operations in seven countries are covered.  Leading the pack will be U.S.-based Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, which will achieve first and second place in airborne EO earnings in the 2021 through 2030 period, respectively.  Moreover, the analysis looks into the lucrative world of subcontracting by assigning a Manufacturer Varies designation to programs where multiple contractors might be assigned work on wide-ranging developmental or support programs.

Forecast International’s Electro-Optical Systems Forecast provides complete coverage of self-protection and early warning systems for virtually every type of military platform, booming markets for such high-profile EO technology as night and thermal imaging and laser targeting, and the growing market for unmanned aircraft surveillance systems. Electro-Optic Systems Forecast also tracks the steady demand for naval systems such as periscopes and fire control directors.  An annual subscription includes some 74 individual reports, most with a 10-year unit production forecast.   Pricing begins at $2,295, with discounted full-library subscriptions available. Click here to learn more.


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