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U.S. Defense Policy Bill Establishes Space Force

A new defense policy bill Congress released  this week gives the green light to establishing a new Space Force as the sixth Armed Service of the U.S.  The new service will fall …

Russian Arms Trade in Review

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U.S. Allocates $300 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

The U.S. Congress has reached an agreement on a defense bill covering funding for 2020 that will allocate military assistance to Ukraine. This week, following months of dialogue between members …

U.S. Military Aid to Lebanon Unfrozen

The Era of Evo Comes to a Tumultuous End

Russia Ready to Discuss Arms Contracts with Iran

PESCO and the Long Road to European Strategic Autonomy

Civil & Commercial Aerospace

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AVIC Acquisition Growth Slowing; Program Delays Continue

AVIC is the Airbus, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin of China.  The firm consolidates all of China’s aviation activities under its aegis in one  form or another.  The goal behind its …