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a military helicopter sits on a runway

How FY23 Defense Legislation Will Impact DoD Acquisition Programs

So far this year, four defense committees in Congress have put their own unique spin on the FY23 defense budget while taking the administration’s request and other funding recommendations into …

a missile is fired from a launcher on the ground near water and rocky terrain

U.S. Aid Continues to Flow into Ukraine

Is HIMARS a Game-Changer in the War in Ukraine?


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A Tale of Two Former Soviet Republics (Or: How Much is Ukraine Getting in Trans-Atlantic Military Aid?)

Consider a country on Europe’s easternmost fringes that once shared a larger border with the former Soviet Union. This country emerged from the dissolution of the USSR an independent state, …

Commercial Aircraft

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a commercial airliner with wheels down above a runway

Airbus and Boeing Report August 2022 Commercial Aircraft Orders and Deliveries

Weak Post-Farnborough Order Intake. Boeing to Remarket Aircraft Earmarked for Chinese Customers. by J. Kasper Oestergaard, European Correspondent, Forecast International. Boeing and Airbus delivered 35 and 41 commercial jets in August …