Cyberspace Test Technology: $127 Million Project Keeps Cyberspace Warfighter Systems Current

By Greg Giaquinto, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

CyberForecast International projects that the U.S. Department of Defense will spend approximately $127 million on its Cyberspace Test Technology (CTT) project over the next 10 years. This project develops advanced technologies and methodologies for the testing and evaluation of DoD capabilities and information networks in order to conduct and defend full-spectrum military operations across cyberspace. The DoD’s ability to use cyberspace for rapid communication and information sharing in support of operations is a critical enabler of U.S. military missions.  Advancements in utilizing cyberspace are outpacing the technologies needed for test and evaluation (T&E).  The DoD says current cyberspace T&E capabilities are insufficient to support the experimental, contractor, developmental, operational, and live-fire testing requirements of warfighter systems operating in cyberspace.  Many of the test tools and infrastructure items required for systems in cyberspace will need advancement, along with the maturation of various nascent test technologies.  The CTT project will address technology shortfalls in cyberspace testing, including planning and executing cyberspace tests, and creating representative cyberspace threats.