Net Centricity Program to See $195 Million Investment over 10 Years

by Greg Giaquinto, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

Forecast International estimates that the Pentagon will invest approximately $195 million in its Net Centricity program over the next 10 years. This research and development effort conducts information management and information technology activities focused on the development, integration, testing, and assessment of capabilities and applications supporting joint and coalition warfighter needs.

Program resources support net-centric collaborative development and operations to improve situational awareness, interoperability, and operational planning efforts.  The U.S. Department of Defense’s desire to execute wars in a network‑centric manner is driving this projected funding stream.

The Net Centricity program consists of one project: Global Information Grid Evaluation Facilities (GIG-EF) and GIG Enterprise-Wide Systems Engineering Advisory Activities (EW SE).  This project provides the resources necessary to implement net-centric processes and analytical methods that provide the capability to synchronize interdependent net-centric capabilities across all layers (ground, air, and space) of the net-centric architecture. The GIG-EF & EW SE project also provides resources to field net-centric capabilities more rapidly as an enabler for command and control capabilities and applications.

Under the Net Centricity program, the GIG-EF & EW SE project conducts technical assessments, modeling and simulation, and analysis of the Joint Space Communications Layer, the Joint Aerial Network Layer, and contested communications‑on-the-move capabilities. In addition, the project develops the capability for the warfighter to manage and deconflict radio frequencies through ground, air, and space communication networks. The GIG-EF & EW SE project also develops and synchronizes information-assurance capabilities with other net-centric capabilities to provide secure access to information and services (e.g., the Cryptographic Modernization Management plan).

In FY16, look for the GIG-EF & EW SE project to continue analysis of waveform development and management in the U.S. DoD.

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