Senegal Reveals New Military Acquisitions

During celebrations of the country’s 57th Independence Day, the Senegalese military showed off newly-acquired military hardware, including new vehicles and rockets.

The celebrations took place on April 4 and included thousands of soldiers and paramilitary forces.

According to defenceWeb, Senegal’s Armed Forces showed several Oncilla 4×4 armored vehicles, produced by Cyprus’ Lacenaire in partnership with MISTA, a Polish firm. Oncilla is derived from the Dozor-B, a Ukrainian armored vehicle. The Senegalese vehicles are lightly armored and carry a 12.7mm machine gun.

The military also showed off KrAZ-6322PA Bastion-1 122mm multiple launch rocket systems, which can fire up to 40 122mm rockets to distances of 40km, if using extended range ammunition.

Also included in the parade were WMA301 Assaulter armored vehicles as well as Ram Mk III armored vehicles and TRF1 towed howitzers, all of which ahve been seen before.

The new acquisitions are part of a military program called Armees Horizon 2025. Senegal has purchased EE-11 Urutu and Puma M26 armored vehicles, Hind attack helicopters, and 2B11 120mm mortars under the project and expects to receive four KT-1 Woong Bee aircraft by next year.

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