Egyptian Submarine Arrives to Alexandria

Following the completion of the submarine’s testing last year, Type 209 submarine S41 has arrived to Alexandria.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense released a video on April 19, 2017 showing the submarine heading to Alexandria, where it will be based out of. Marine Traffic data last showed the submarine off the coast of Malta earlier this month.

Egypt purchased four submarines from German firm ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. S41 was named and launched in December 2015. It was officially handed over to the Egyptian Navy a year later, in December 2016.

S42 was named and launched during the S41 handover ceremony.

Negotiations for the submarines were ongoing for some time, with Egypt ordering a pair of submarines in 2011, followed by another two in 2014. They are Type 209 submarines, which carry a range of 11,000 nautical miles and can travel over 20 knots while submerged. The submarines can fire torpedoes and missiles; Egypt’s may be armed with UGM-84 Harpoon anti-shipping missiles.

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