Russia to Launch New Submarine in 2017

Later this year, Russia plans to launch the fourth Project 955 submarine.

Speaking on June 26, 2017, the Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, stated,

“In August this year, the Severodvinsk-based Sevmash Shipyard will float out the new Borey-class strategic underwater cruiser, the Prince Vladimir, which will strengthen the potential of the nuclear component of the Navy’s submarine fleet. Along with this, work is already under way to develop fifth-generation nuclear-powered submarines.”

Prince Vladimir is the fourth Project 955 submarine, and the first of the modernized 955A version. Each submarine carries 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The submarine was laid down in 2012 at Sevmash Shipyard and could be ready to enter service in 2018. Three others of the class have already been delivered to the Navy, and Russia expects another four after Prince Vladimir will join the Navy.

Admiral Korolyov also spoke of Project 885, another ongoing submarine program, noting that the sixth and final submarine in the class will be laid down at the end of next month.

He said, “On July 28, the multipurpose nuclear submarine Ulyanovsk built on the improved Yasen-M project will be laid at the Sevmash Shipyard.”

Project 885 submarines feature both torpedoes and land-attack missiles.

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