Russian MiG-35 Order Expected for 2018

Russia anticipates placing an order for MiG-35s next year.

Speaking to reporters at MAKS 2017, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov stated that the first order for MiG-35s is slated for 2018.

Tass News Agency quoted him as saying, “R&D works are near complete and we hope we could begin the purchases in the interests of the Armed Forces as of 2018.”

Deputy Defense Minister Borisov did not state how many jets would be included in the first order, though Russian media has previously reported a few dozen will be purchased initially. Eventually, the military aims to replace all light fighter jets currently in service with MiG-35s.

Last week, MiG Corporation CEO Ilya Tarasenko noted that trials were still ongoing. Tarasenko said, “We are now holding the trials. Following their results, serial production will begin.”

He added that it was likely serial production would begin within two years.

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