Egypt Receiving New Helicopters, Fighter Jets

Egypt has reportedly taken delivery of several Ka-52 helicopters. Next week, the country is due to receive two more Dassault Rafale fighter jets.

Speaking to Tass News Agency, a source in the Russian defense industry said that the first three Ka-52s had been delivered to Egypt. Egyptian pilots, according to the source, are currently conducting flight training.

Cairo has an order for 46 Ka-52s and is negotiating with Russia over an additional order for the maritime version, the Ka-52K, which will equip Egypt’s Mistral naval vessels.

Separately, Egypt is due to take another delivery of Rafale fighter jets in the coming days. The French military attaché in Cairo confirmed that two new jets will arrive on July 25, 2017, which will bring Egypt’s inventory of Rafale fighter jets to 11.

Egypt placed an order for 24 Rafales in 2015, with the most recent delivery being in March of this year. In the coming months, the country will take delivery of another three, to bring the total by the end of 2017 to 14.

Later in the year, in October, Egypt is also due to receive the first Gowind 2500 corvette (El Fateh) from France, under an agreement for four ships. The first ship was built in France while the remainder will be constructed in Egypt.

El Fateh entered sea trials earlier this year.

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