Mi-28 Deliveries to Russian Military Expected Soon

Manufacturer Russian Helicopters confirmed on August 22, 2017 that several new variants of the Mi-28 would be entering service with the Russian military soon.

The company stated that Mi-28UBs will enter service later this year, while Mi-28NMs will follow in 2018.

The firm’s press service stated, “By now the Rostvertol company has manufactured the first two serial Mi-28UB helicopters. At the moment they are undergoing acceptance tests at the factory. A total of eight combat and training Night Hunters with dual control are to be provided by the end of the year.”

The Mi-28UB is to be delivered to the 334th combat training and retraining center in Torzhok. The helicopters have dual controls, making them ideal for training purposes.

Some Mi-28UBs may also be deployed to Syria for unspecified testing, according to Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Boginsky.

Additionally, Mi-28NM deliveries are expected to begin next year.

Russian Helicopters stated, “A contract for the Mi-28NM project is being coordinated with the Russian Defense Ministry. It if is signed, deliveries for the Russian Defense Ministry may start in 2018.”

The Mi-28NM features new radar, better onboard electronics, and the ability to utilize more precise munitions than predecessors.

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