Russian Helicopters Discusses Ka-52 Program

Russia’s Ka-52, a reconnaissance and attack helicopter, will see improvements to its air-defense systems.

Manufacturer Russian Helicopters stated on August 22, 2017 that the Ka-52 would be undergoing new improvements targeting its air-defense systems. The firm left open the possibility that new weapons could be integrated onto the helicopters, without further specifying.

In a statement, Russian Helicopters said, “The Alligator will be equipped with a new onboard defense complex, which will enhance protection from guided surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. In cooperation with the Defense Ministry and a number of other manufacturers the possibility is being considered of arming Ka-52 with new weapon systems.”

The Ka-52 is known as ‘Alligator.’

Additionally, “The helicopter’s payload will be increased and tactical capabilities expanded. Corresponding amendments are being made to the designer documentation.”

Interfax separately quoted Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Boginsky as saying in an interview that a naval version of the Ka-52, called the Ka-52K, would be ready for serial production in 2020. He stated that he hopes Egypt will become the first foreign customer for the Ka-52K and noted that Rosoboronexport is currently engaged in precontract negotiations with Egypt regarding procurement of the Ka-52K.

Cairo has already purchased the Ka-52. Should it procure the Ka-52K, it will use the helicopters to equip its new Mistral helicopter carrier vessels, bought from France.

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