Egypt to Take Delivery of South Korean Naval Vessel

Egypt will receive a naval vessel from South Korea.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense released a statement on September 15, 2017 that revealed the Egyptian Navy is due to receive at least one naval vessel from South Korea. Egyptian Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi recently traveled to South Korea to discuss bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

During Defense Minister Sobhi’s visit, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, he examined “one of the naval pieces that will be joining the Egyptian Armed Forces in the future and met the Egyptian technical crews that are training on it.”

The statement suggests that the contract was completed previously, as Egyptian personnel are already training on the operation of the ship.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense did not specify what vessel Egypt would receive but a photograph included in the press release showed the defense minister on board a Po Hang class corvette.

It has been rumored that Egypt will acquire up to three vessels from South Korea.

The visit to South Korea follows Egypt’s announcement that it severed all ties with North Korea, amid an international push to isolate Pyongyang over its nuclear program.

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