Angola Receives Two Su-30Ks

Angola has taken delivery of two Su-30Ks.

In an interview with Sputnik International, the Deputy CEO of Belarus’ 558th Aircraft Repair Plant, Aleksandr Vorobei, revealed that deliveries of Su-30Ks to Angola have begun, with two sent to the country.

He suggested that deliveries of the rest of the order will be completed some time in early 2018.

Sputnik International quoted Vorobei as saying, “So far, two [Su-30Ks have been delivered to Angola], there is a delivery schedule, and its fulfillment has been launched as for now. I think that the deliveries will be completed by early next year.”

Angola placed an order for 12 Su-30Ks from Russia in 2013. The aircraft have subsequently undergone overhaul in Belarus. The first of these was spotted earlier this year making a test flight.

In addition to the 12 already on order, Kommersant reported earlier this year that Angola is in negotiations for six more Su-30Ks, which if procured would bring its total order to 18.

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