Russia Tests Upgraded A-135 Missile

Russia has tested a newly upgraded missile for its A-135 surface-to-air missile system.

Citing Russian military official Andrei Prikhodko, Krasnaya Zvezda reported on Monday that Russia has tested an upgraded missile. Prikhodko stated, “We have successfully test fired a new upgraded air defense missile. The missile’s tactical and technical characteristics regarding the range, precision and operational lifetime are significantly higher compared to present-day weapons.”

The testing was carried out in Kazakhstan, at the Sary-Shagan firing range. The report did not state precisely when the test was held.

Russian media further released footage of the testing.

The new missile being tested is the PRS-1M, which will replace older 53T6 missiles that are in use by the A-135, an anti-ballistic missile system that is deployed around Moscow. The PRS-1M has an improved engine and new electronic equipment; reportedly its range has been expanded as well.

According to Prikhodko, the PRS-1M can intercept ‘single and multiple strikes’.

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