New Batch of T-50 Jet Trainers Arrives to Iraq

Iraq took delivery of two more T-50 jet trainers from South Korea.

The arrival of the two aircraft was announced on March 6, 2018.

The deliveries are part of a $1.1 billion agreement reached in 2013 for the delivery of 24 T-50 jet trainers as well as support services, which are expected to continue for several decades after the introduction of the aircraft into service.

According to the Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman, “Additional T-50 jet fighters will arrive in batches soon in Baghdad as part of the deal.”

The spokesman, Tahseen al-Khafaji, stated, “A team of Iraqi pilots received training in South Korea and they are ready now to operate the T-50 jets.”

The first batch of aircraft arrived in March 2017 and it is believed that, as of early 2018, six were delivered to Iraq, as seen in images released online.

This week, a source gave Alghad Press a different figure, stating that the recent delivery included brings “the total number of jets imported from Seoul to four out of 24.”

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