Egyptian MiG-29M Crashes

An Egyptian MiG-29 has crashed during a training flight.

Kommersant reported on November 3, 2018, that an Egyptian MiG-29 had crashed during a training flight in Egypt. The newspaper noted that the fighter jet was part of a new order from Russia and had been delivered earlier this year. The pilot of the aircraft was able to eject from the plane prior to the accident, which the Egyptian military blamed on a “technical glitch in the control tools.”

Egypt ordered 46 MiG-29M/M2 fighter jets from Russia in 2015 and began taking delivery of the aircraft last year. The Ms are single-seat while the M2s are two-seat aircraft. That there was only one pilot of this aircraft suggests the crashed MiG was an M variant.

Sputnik International noted that the crash followed the crash of a Russian MiG-29 during a training flight near Moscow last month.

The Russian defense industry will assist Egypt in examining the crash. In a statement, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), a Russian aerospace conglomerate, said, “We are in possession of the latest information about the crash of a MiG-29M belonging to the Egyptian army. Our technical experts will travel to Egypt very soon to help in the investigation.” UAC is the parent corporation of RAC MiG, which produces the MiG-29M/M2 at its Sokol Aircraft Plant.

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