Kuwait to Receive Typhoon Fighter Jets in 2020

The Kuwaiti military will begin receiving its Eurofighter Typhoons in 2020.

Kuwaiti state-owned news agency KUNA reported on November 4, 2018, that deliveries under Kuwait’s order for Typhoon fighter jets should begin in the fourth quarter of 2020. The commander of the Air Force confirmed the delivery timeframe, adding that Kuwaiti military delegations have visited Typhoon production lines in Europe.

In 2016, Kuwait placed an $8.7 billion order for 28 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets, 22 of which will be single-seat and six of which will be twin-seat. Kuwaiti media reported in September 2018 that up to $1.1 billion had been allocated for the Typhoons for that year’s budget, indicating that the Kuwaiti government is still making payments under the deal for the aircraft.

Production is already ongoing. Italian firm Leonardo said at the end of 2017, “Since the second half of 2016 the Kuwait’s production activities started with details manufacturing, in line with the baseline plan and in some cases even ahead of schedule.” It is believed that once deliveries start, they will take around three years to complete.

The new Typhoons will eventually be joined by new F/A-18s, as well. Earlier this year, Kuwait completed an order for 28 F/A-18s — also 22 single-seat, six twin-seat — from U.S. firm Boeing. The aircraft are to be produced over the coming years, with the U.S. Department of Defense estimating the contract will be completed in September 2022.

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