U.S. Approves Light Attack Aircraft Sale to Tunisia

A Beechcraft AT-6 experimental aircraft flies over White Sands Missile Range.  (U.S. Air Force Photo by Ethan D. Wagner)

The U.S. has approved a potential sale of light attack aircraft to Tunisia.

On February 26, 2020, the State Department announced the approval of a possible sale of four AT-6C light attack aircraft to Tunisia, at an estimated cost of $325.8 million. Alongside the four aircraft, the Tunisian government requested the sale of a range of armaments, which were included in the approval along with components and related equipment.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, the U.S. State Department said, “The proposed sale will improve Tunisia’s ability to meet current and future threats by increasing their capability and capacity to counter terrorism and other violent extremist organization threats. The AT-6 platform will bolster their capability to respond to and engage threats in multiple areas across the country. Additionally, the procurement of the AT-6 aircraft strengthens interoperability between Tunisia, regional allies, and the United States.”

Tunisia has procured a range of equipment to improve its counterinsurgency and counterterrorism capabilities in recent years as conflict has flared in neighboring Libya.

The country’s Air Force is undergoing an overhaul, with a strong emphasis on procurement of American fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Last year, the U.S. also approved Tunisia for the purchase of a dozen T-6C aircraft to overhaul the Air Force’s trainer fleet. That proposed deal carries a price tag of $234 million.

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