Bring the Global Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Market into View

The airborne retrofit & modernization (R&M) market is as vast as it is complex. With most aircraft expected to serve their operators for a span of at least 30 years, each produced airframe brings with it not only the initial cost of procurement, but a three-decades-long litany of modifications, retrofits, and Service Life Extension Programs that in some cases may surpass the initial cost of purchase. Forecast International’s Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Forecast provides clients with an in-depth analysis of ongoing and future retrofit programs for more than 60 key aircraft operated around the globe. With the release of the Airborne Retrofit & Modernization module for Platinum Forecast System 4.4, clients can, for the first time, access the data used to generate our program reports in its entirety.

Sample data pull on the AH-64 from Forecast International’s Platinum R&M module.

With the Platinum Forecast System, our data is sortable, customizable, and plentiful. Through years of research, our analysts have identified, analyzed, and reported on significant ongoing and speculative retrofit & modernization programs on aircraft like the Airbus A320, Lockheed Martin C-130H and more, building a library of hard data that is now available for manipulation by our clients.

A subscription to the Airborne Retrofit & Modernization module for Platinum provides not only access to our R&M-related data, but the full roster of individual platform reports and an R&M-tailored news feed, which is updated daily. Through Platinum, our clients can sort by data field, including Date Range, Platform Category, System Data Type, Category of Use and Worldwide Geography, among others, and have access to unprecedented detail, including graphics and tables/spreadsheets with computations of units/values over a 15-year forecast period. With the Airborne Retrofit & Modernization module for Platinum Forecast System 4.4, you can identify competitors in a given segment, highlight key operator nations and prime retrofit candidates within each fleet, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

In the weeks and months ahead, accurate and reliable market forecasts will be more critical than ever to achieving success. At this moment of global uncertainty, Forecast International is committed to ensuring you have the market intelligence you need to navigate the challenging road forward. 

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