This week in the Russia-Ukraine War (Week 40 – November 18)

Image – Nicolas Raymond

A snapshot of recent news from sources around the world on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

The White House has asked Congress to approve an additional $37.7 billion in aid for Ukraine. In addition to weapons, the request also addresses the critical global food and energy shortages caused by Russia’s invasion.

The missile that landed in Poland was likely fired by an Ukrainian air defense unit at an inbound Russian aerial threat, according to leaders of NATO and Poland.  The missile landed in the Polish town on Przewodow. Despite pressure from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky to allow his country’s representatives to have access to the missile strike site, Polish authorities have stated they will not invite Ukraine to co-host the investigation into the missile strike.

Success of Ukrainian forces has led some to speculate that they could retake Crimea. However, it would be a long and difficult undertaking compared to the Ukrainian military’s current successes.

Germany’s Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) is establishing a KNDS base in Slovakia to provide logistical support to Ukraine.  The hub will service military vehicles including he self-propelled howitzer PzH 2000, the CAESAR wheeled howitzer, the GEPARD self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and the MARS II artillery rocket system, as well as the DINGO armored transport vehicle.

Russia is reportedly moving more air defense systems to the fighting front in Ukraine.  Some 20 missiles for S-300/400 air defense systems were moved from Belarus to the Luhansk and Donetsk fronts.

Russia has slowed its missile barrage directed towards Ukraine’s infrastructure.  Moscow is running low on locally made missiles to use in these attacks, according to the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian government continues to press its allies for additional weapons to combat the Russian invasion.  Kyiv is asking the United States for MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned aerial systems and the AGM-114L LONGBOW missile.

Following the recapture of Kherson by Ukrainian forces, Russia unleashed one of its largest missile barrages so far in this war.  Russia reportedly fired over 90 missiles in this attack.

The Ukrainian government wants to acquire advanced unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) from the United States.  To meet this need and not risk compromising its advanced technology, the U.S. Army may provide a modified version of the MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV to Ukraine.

Russian officials say that a Ukrainian drone has attacked an oil depot just 190 miles from Moscow.  The oil depot is in the settlement of Stalnoi Kon in Russia.  The facility is run by Russia’s state-controlled Transneft.

Russian missiles hit a Ukrainian missile factory and a gasworks in a new wave of attacks.  Missiles hit targets in Odesa, Kyiv and the cities of Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia.


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