Forecast International Celebrates 50 Years of Defense Industry Forecasting

For five decades, Forecast International (FI) has done what was often seen as the impossible — take the guesswork out of defense and aerospace forecasting. Read on to learn more about Forecast International’s legacy.

The History of Forecast International 

FI was founded in 1973 by U.S. Air Force officer and WWII pilot Ed Nebinger. After retiring from the Air Force, Ed began a career working his way up in the aerospace and defense market intelligence industry. Pretty soon, Ed saw a need for reliable market forecasting and decided to use his knowledge and experience to branch out and create Forecast International, a company dedicated to helping people stay one step ahead of a seemingly unpredictable market. 

Pilot and FI Founder Ed Nebinger and Ground Crew Alongside a P-51 Mustang Fighter

From the very beginning, FI pioneered new methods of forecasting,  being the first company to provide 10-year forecasts for aerospace and defense industries. Soon, Forecast International grew to cover the bulk of the defense industry, including aerospace, power systems, and electronics. To this day, FI analysts compile and evaluate historical and current data to generate groundbreaking defense industry forecasting, earning widespread recognition as well as partnerships with key industry players.

How Forecast International Can Help You with Defense Industry Forecasting 

The ups and downs of the defense industry can be challenging to maneuver, but with Forecast InternationaI, you can:

  • Stay on top of what’s going on in your industry. Forecast International provides ample content to keep you in the know through:

White papers, written by a team of skilled analysts 

Defense and Security Monitor, a blog breaking defense news and insights

In Our Sights, a defense newsletter in partnership with Military Periscope

Flight Plan, a blog focused solely on commercial aviation 

And more 

  • Get ahead of what’s next for your market. Forecast International works hard to help you integrate its library of groundbreaking solutions into your strategy to help you stay one step ahead of the tumultuous defense and aerospace market.


About Forecast International

For 50 years, Forecast International intelligence reports have been the aerospace and defense industry standard for accurate research, analysis, and projections. Our experienced analysts compile, evaluate, and present accurate data for decision makers. FI's market research reports offer concise analysis of individual programs and identify market opportunities. Each report includes a program overview, detailed statistics, recent developments and a competitive analysis, culminating in production forecasts spanning 10 or 15 years. Let our market intelligence reports be a key part of reducing uncertainties and mastering your specific market and its growth potential. Find out more at

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