This Week in the Russia-Ukraine War (February 9)

A snapshot of recent news from sources around the world on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Two fighter jets line up on a runway near a grassy field

An F-16 Falcon from the Royal Netherlands Air Force takes off from Canadian Air Force Base Cold Lake during a Maple Flag Air Exercise – U.S. Air National Guard

Political Developments

In a Tucker Carlson interview, Putin called on the US to acknowledge Russia’s concerns and pressure Ukraine into negotiations, while offering a possible prisoner swap involving detained journalist Gershkovich and hinting at a desire for another agent’s release.

Abandoning neutrality for NATO, Sweden accelerates conscription with a war-ready mindset, viewing preparedness as essential in these uncertain times.

 Military Assistance to Ukraine

The Netherlands will deliver six F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine that were previously slated to be sold to a U.S. company that provides adversarial training for the U.S. Air Force. Ensuring the aircraft have suitable runways and trained maintenance personnel are prerequisites to the aircraft transfer.

The status of U.S. aid to Ukraine remains uncertain. A proposed supplemental spending package that combined aid for Ukraine, Israel, and domestic border issues, among other priorities, failed a Senate vote Wednesday, meaning lawmakers will have to draft alternative legislation to provide funding for Kyiv.

A $95 billion U.S. aid bill for Ukraine and Israel faces Senate delay as GOP’s Rand Paul uses procedural tactics to stall the vote.

Battlefield Updates

Russia continues to use North Korean missiles to strike cities in Ukraine.  Moscow fired five missiles at Kharkiv.  Two of the missiles were KN-23 (Hwasong 11GA) missiles.

Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are critical to the Ukrainian military.  These systems provide a significant increase in the accuracy of Ukrainian artillery units.



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