Serbia Close to Signing Rafale Deal

Rafale M landing on a carrier. Image – MBDA

The Serbian government is close to signing a contract for the purchase of French-made fighter jets. 

This week, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic made a visit to France, where he held discussions with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron over a possible sale of Dassault Rafales. Speaking to media on Tuesday, Vucic stated, “The contract is expected to be signed in the next two months and in the presence of the president of France.” 

Vucic added that the planned Rafale deal “is incredibly significant” for his country. 

Serbia and France have been in dialogue over the potential sale of the jets for several years, but “financing is an issue,” Vucic told Reuters last year. Belgrade is seeking 12 Rafales, which together with onboard systems and armaments could cost around EUR3 billion. 

The two sides are expected to conclude the Rafale sale when President Macron travels to Serbia later this year. 

While Belgrade has traditionally turned to Moscow for military equipment, Serbia has shifted towards procuring from Western suppliers in recent years in light of sanctions on the Russian defense industry.

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