U.S. Defense Budget Request Expected in Mid-March

The FY20 defense budget request, originally scheduled for release this week, was pushed back because of the temporary government shutdown.  Reports now indicate the request has been delayed by more than a month, and will not be released until mid-March.

Sources have said the defense budget request will come out the week of March 11.  However, the initial release may be a “skinny budget,” which would only provide a general summary of the request along with topline figures.  The full budget with detailed documents could come out on March 18.

A portion of the government is currently being kept open through the use of a temporary spending bill that expires on February 15, and lawmakers are currently working on a final FY19 budget agreement to cover the rest of the year.  It is possible that the release of the FY20 defense budget request could be impacted if these negotiations are prolonged.

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