Ukraine Tests BTR-3DAs Before Delivery

Ukrainian defense conglomerate Ukroboronprom has released footage of a new batch of BTR-3DAs undergoing testing ahead of delivery to the Ukrainian military.

The footage (first video, below), released on March 26, 2017, shows BTR-3DAs, built by Kiev Armored Plant, conducting test firing at a military training ground near Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

A press release associated with the testing noted that the firing tested the BTR-3DA’s remote weapon station, called the Shturm-M. Shturm-M features a 30mm main cannon, the ZTM-1, as well as a 7.62mm machine gun, a 30mm automatic grenade launcher, and the ‘Barrier’ anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system.

The Barrier ATGM is designed by Luch Design Bureau. It carries a range up to 5,000 meters and is designed to penetrate enemy armor.

Earlier in 2017, BTR-3DAs were filmed during factory tests on dirt roads in Kniazhychi (below).

Ukroboronprom noted that following the firing test, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will accept the new armored vehicles into service.

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