Russia to Place T-14 Main Battle Tank Order

In an interview with Tass News Agency, Russian Deputy Prime Minister discussed the testing for T-14 main battle tanks, which Russia aims to begin putting into service in the coming years.

Tass quoted him as saying in response to a question about the status of the tests, “They are proceeding according to plan.

“Various technologies are being tested and the issue of automatizing all of the tank’s systems is being considered,” he said.

Manufacturer UralVagonZavod is soon to make a report on the pace of testing, but the Deputy Prime Minister stated, “We do not expect any complications with this machine.”

The Deputy Prime Minister added that the volume of orders for the tank should be specified in September 2017, when the state armament program will be reported. “In September, it [the state armament program] will be reported in quite an assembled form to the Russian president, including the specified purchase volume for this tank,” he said.

The state armament program for 2018-2025, currently being formulated, should be submitted to the Defense Ministry in early May 2017.

In February 2017, UVZ CEO Oleg Sienko noted that the company currently expected serial production for the military would start in 2018, following a period of testing that has been ongoing.

At least 100 tanks, beyond the initial 20 built for testing, are expected to be included in the first order, though Russia maintains plans to produce thousands of the main battle tanks over the life of the program.

Further information regarding the initial order may emerge during the RAE 2017 military exhibition, which starts on September 20. The T-14 will be one of the Russian products on display at the exhibition.

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