Kazakhstan Launches New Missile Boat

Kazakhstan has launched its fourth Project 0250 rocket and artillery boat in Uralsk, which will enter service with the Navy.

Kazinform reported that the vessel was launched on April 27, 2017. The ship, produced by Zenit Uralsk Shipyard, is called Mangistau.

The Kazakh Ministry of Defense released photos from the event, which was attended by the Minister of Defense and Aerospace Industry Beibut Atamkulov as well as other Kazakh officials.

Images released from the event show the vessel bears the number 253, confirming it is part of the Project 0250 vessels. These are similar to Project 0300 vessels which are operated by the Border Service.

Having been officially launched, the vessel will undergo tests, after which it will join the Navy.

Last year, in April 2016, Kazakhstan launched the fifth Project 0300 vessel, Sarbaz (205), for the Border Service. This vessel came equipped with a Belarusian remote-controlled turret, called Adunok.

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