Emirati Firm to Show Off Military Vehicles in Europe

Emirati firm NIMR Automotive will showcase a custom military vehicle at a military exhibition in the Czech Republic.

In partnership with VOP CZ, NIMR will show off an Ajban 440A military vehicle configured to meet European specifications at the International Defence and Security Technology Fair (IDET), according to The National.

VOP general manager Marek Spok said, “The commitment being shown by both organisations to realise the collective vision of localizing NIMR’s range of military vehicles in Europe is evident with the Ajban 440A present today at IDET.”

The two firms partnered in early 2017.

“NIMR has already developed a strong reputation for its combat-proven vehicles that can perform in the harshest operational environment,” said NIMR chief executive Fahad Saif Harhara.

He added, “We have now integrated our platform with VOP CZ’s world-class technology that we are confident addresses NATO member countries’ needs for a military grade fleet solution, providing greater protection and longer service-life than up-armored commercial vehicles.”

Ajban 440A is a a highly mobile 4×4 mine-protected vehicle, ideally suited for use in poor environment conditions. The vehicle is modular and can support various weapons systems; the Emirati Armed Forces intend to order 115 of the vehicles equipped with anti-tank guided missions (probably Kornets, purchased from Russia).

The push to incorporate European specifications reflects NIMR’s effort to market the vehicle and others to a wide range of customers. NIMR will also put on display its Rapid Intervention Vehicle, which is designed to be transportable by helicopters such as the CH-47.

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