Oman Receives Pars APCs

Oman has been confirmed as a buyer of FNSS’ Pars armored personnel carrier (APC).

Through its social media account, FNSS announced on July 12, 2017 in a now-deleted tweet that the first delivery of Pars APCs to Oman had taken place. The Gulf country has 172 vehicles on order, according to the Turkish firm.

Oman had been rumored as the customer earlier this year and the delivery of an unspecified number of vehicles confirms the order.

In February 2016, FNSS stated it had been awarded a contract to deliver Pars APCs to an undisclosed customer. The company noted in a press release,

“The contract is already effective and FNSS has started to fulfill its obligations under this new contract which includes delivery of a series of vehicles in various configurations. The exact customer, vehicle types, total budget and additional details will remain confidential.”

It is believed that the customer referenced is thus Oman. As stated in that press release, vehicle configurations are confidential, making it unclear if Oman purchased 6×6 or 8×8 Pars APCs. Images included in the announcement of the first delivery showed an 8×8 vehicle.

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