Russia Planning TOS-1A Replacement

Russia will develop a new heavy flamethrower system to replace the TOS-1A.

Russian media reported on July 22, 2017 that the Russian research and production association Splav is working on a replacement for the TOS-1A ‘Solntsepyok’ as part of the state armaments program 2018-2025. The TOS-1A is a multiple launch rocket and thermobaric weapon system, referred to as a heavy flamethrower in Russian service.

Splav’s chief designer, Nikolai Makarovets, was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying,

“This is the development of the Solntsepyok project and unlike Solntsepyok, the new system will be equipped with a wheeled chassis. Experience of operating heavy flamethrowers in desert areas has indicated wheeled chassis are the best option.”

The TOS-1A was mounted first on T-72 and then later T-90 chassis, both of which are tracked. Makarovets, however, suggested that a better option may be to mount the system on a wheeled chassis, though he did not specify which system would serve as the base model for it.

If Splav ultimately does not opt to use a wheeled chassis, it is possible the new heavy flamethrower will be adapted on to the Armata chassis.

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