Russia to Receive SR-10 Trainer in 2018

Russia will take delivery of a new trainer aircraft later this year.

In an exclusive report on July 24, 2017, Izvestia reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense, Smolensk Aviation Plant, and Modern Aircraft Technologies are in the process of completing a contract fro the SR-10, a jet trainer. The aircraft will be delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force before the end of 2018.

The SR-10 was designed by Modern Aircraft Technologies, a private Russian firm, and once ready for serial production will be produced by Smolensk Aviation Plant. Izvestia noted that the contract for procurement is ready to be signed. The head of Smolensk Aviation Plant, Sergei Nikolsky, told Izvestia that the contract is expected to be signed in the next few weeks.

Nikolsky expects that the first deliveries will begin within 14 months of the completion of the contract.

It is unclear how many aircraft will be in the first order, but Russia intends to replace all of its L-39s (over 150 aircraft) currently in service with the SR-10, according to Izvestia. It will serve as an intermediate step between the Yak-152 and Yak-130.

The SR-10 is notable because it is developed by a private firm and it features forward-swept wings. The aircraft made its first flight in 2015.

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