Russia to Receive Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter in 2018

Russia will begin receiving the Mi-28NM attack helicopter in 2018, according to the commander of the Russian Aerospace Force.

RIA Novosti quoted Colonel General Viktor Bondarev as saying, “There is not a single lag behind the Mi-28NM. It’s a fine helicopter; we need it very much. The completion of the engineering works is scheduled for 2018, and then, the Aerospace Forces will receive it.”

He did not specify how many helicopters would be ordered. It is believed that a contract for procurement will be signed later in 2017.

Colonel General Bondarev noted that “all air units” will receive the helicopter. The Mi-28NM features dual controls, making it useful for training purposes.

Development of the Mi-28NM began in 2009. The helicopter was first seen in June 2016 and made its first flight several months later.

As noted by W4T in May 2017, state trials of the Mi-28NM have already begun.

The helicopter features new onboard equipment, such as a new radar, and is expected to have longer-range armaments. Russia media has previously reported that upgrades have taken into account the experience of the Russian military in Syria.

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