Algeria Acquires Buk-M2E SAMs

Algeria has acquired an unknown quantity of Buk-M2E surface-to-air missile systems.

In a recent Algerian military publication, the Army revealed that it was operating a Buk-M2E (SA-17 Grizzly) during a military exercise held in July.

As defenceWeb reported, the publication “shows an image of a Buk-M2 transporter-erector-launcher on a MZKT 6922 6×6 wheeled vehicle,” rather than on a tracked chassis.

The system was seen firing a missile in the image. The Buk-M2E, the export version of the Buk-M2, carries a range of around 20 kilometers.

It is unknown when Algeria ordered the system or how many were delivered. The transport-erector-launcher would also come with a command vehicle as well as a detection radar.

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