Su-57’s Communications Equipment to Complete Testing This Year

Russia will complete tests of the S-111 communication system for its fifth-generation fighter jet before the end of 2017.

Speaking to Tass News Agency, a representative of Roselektronika holding company stated that the S-111’s government testing would be completed before the end of the year. The system is for the Su-57, a new stealth fighter soon to enter service.

The Su-57 is the military’s designation for the PAK FA. The Russian Aerospace Force commander, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, announced the designation earlier this month.

Describing the system’s features, the representative told Tass, “S-111 provides radio telephone communication and encrypted data exchange among various aircraft and also command centers (ground and sea-based and airborne). Its effective range of operation is up to 1,500 kilometers.

“The system’s reliability is guaranteed by the multiple redundancy of the main functions and cutting edge technical solutions, as well as a wide range of radio channels,” he added.

The S-111 is modular and can be equipped to other aircraft in Russian service, including rotary-wing aircraft.

The Su-57 will enter service in the coming years.

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