Uzbekistan Interested in Arlan Military Vehicles

Kazakhstan intends to supply Arlan military vehicles to Uzbekistan.

The CEO of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) spoke to RIA Novosti earlier this month and noted that the firm was focusing on selling Arlan military vehicles to Uzbekistan. The vehicles are based on South Africa’s Marauder and produced locally by KPE, a joint venture between Kazakhstan and South Africa.

KEP CEO Erbol Salimov said that Uzbek officials had expressed interest in the Arlan. The vehicle will be tested by Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Defense.

The two countries signed an agreement on military-technical cooperation earlier this month, during a visit by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Uzbekistan. The document states, “The implementation of the agreement will help strengthen bilateral cooperation based on the principles of equality and reciprocity in the military-technical sphere.”

The military-technical cooperation agreement follows last month’s bilateral agreement focusing on joint operational and combat training between the two countries.

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