Russia Overhauling BMP-2s, BMD-2s

Russia aims to modernize hundreds of older armored vehicles over the coming decade, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In a statement released on September 29, 2017, the Ministry of Defense noted, “The Russian Defence Ministry will have 540 [BMP-2] (IFV) and BMD-2 (AAV) modernized by the Tula Shcheglovsky val enterprise. A respective contract has been signed today.”

The Russian government signed an agreement regarding the modernization at the end of September.

The Defense Ministry noted, “According to the contract, the combat vehicles are to be modernized in frame of the Defense Procurement. Deputy Defence Minister Yuriy Borisov signed the 10-year contract on behalf of the Russian Defence Ministry.”

The press release did not identify what upgrades would be undertaken.

In August 2016, Tass News Agency reported that the 163rd armor repairing plant had embarked on a partial overhaul of the BMP-2 fleet earlier that year. Those improvements included “R-168 radio stations and a digital INTERCOM system.” In addition to other plants, Russia has already contracted the overhaul of 586 BMP-2s.

The large overhaul contracts aiming to keep the BMP-2s in service for the coming years suggest that development of replacements, such as the Kurganets-25, has slowed.

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