Can MAN Grab a Larger Share of the Gas Turbine Power Generation Market?

by Carter Palmer, Power Systems SpecialistForecast International.

Can MAN, a company that is no stranger to power generation, outshine its rivals and break into a massive, competitive market? As far as gas turbines are concerned, MAN has not really had a big piece of the pie; however, that might shift somewhat in the coming decade. A new product, developed in-house by MAN, has been doing rather well for a new design and will perhaps gain the manufacturer some traction in the power generation/mechanical drive market.

Enter the MGT6000 Series

Development of a new turbine is no small feat of engineering; typically gas turbines are derived from an earlier model or borrow design features of a current machine. MAN decided to build the MGT6000 series from the ground up. The fruit of its labor comes in the form of two turbines: the single-shaft MGT6100 for power generation and the two-shaft MGT6200 for mechanical drive.

Despite there being a few differences, the turbines are very similar and feature many of the same components. One major selling point is how “green” the MGT6000 series is, between a range of 50 percent-100 percent load they expel “single digit” NOx (under 10 ppm) levels. Rated from 6.5-7 MW, the MGT6000s are well positioned to power factories and turn compressors.

MAN is an interesting case, as it produces the rival to many gas turbines: the diesel engine. The trend, especially in Eastern Europe, has been for power production to fall on diesels. Diesels tend to be more efficient in producing power, whereas gas turbines are better at producing heat. Despite Eastern Europe’s diesel tendencies, the MGT6000 series seems to be doing well in other markets.

Currently, there are approximately seven MGT6000 series turbines in operation throughout the world. The first operational turbine, an MGT6200, came on line in June 2013 at SolVin in Rheinberg, Germany, in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration. Germany, however, is not where the MGT6000s are making their mark. The largest project to date has been in China, where four MGT6200s in a CHP configuration are powering SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd and a neighboring gearbox plant. China could be the key in propagating these MAN turbines, as the nation’s desire to mitigate pollution through new technologies is strong.

Orders from China have been flowing in, albeit at a slow rate. To say MAN has cornered the market for turbines in this power range would be an overstatement.  However, has it broken into the market? Yes, indeed. Going forward, time will show whether MAN’s new technology takes hold.


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